Friday, 6 September 2013

Reciprocal Altruism and Value of Interdependence - Part II

Following are few examples how we can have a conscious life in our day today life with the realization that we all are part of a bigger world and at the same time every individual is unique. None can be considered as stranger as he or she contributes to our life in one way or the other. 

  •  The person who collects the waste from your home and community is an integral part of your life. You can introduce him to your child as ‘the uncle who collects our waste’ not as ‘Kachrawala’ or ‘waste collector.’ You can advise him to put on gloves and even we have a chit chat with him in the morning. 

  • When we go to the vegetable shop, instead of selecting the best quality completely you can take at least 10% of good quality along with 90% best quality. Thus other customers also get the best quality and the shopkeeper won’t be in loss when some quantity remains unsold. 

  • We can consciously become the customers of small shops in our neighborhood even though you are a regular goer to big shopping malls. On the street it’s a common sight of small and unattractive shop and an old man or a woman sit as a shopkeeper. We can help them by buying something from their shop to fulfill our need. 

  • When we find a woman selling vegetable or other things on the street, buying something from her would lead to women empowerment. Let’s also avoid bargaining for a meager amount to women, senior citizens and physically challenged people.

  • When we travel by private vehicle, giving a lift to somebody would help the person to reach his destination on time, save him money and also you are able to use fuel at optimum level.

  •  When our housemaid is late for few hours a day, you can avoid showing her a long face for the simple reason that she does not enjoy any paid leave. We can think of how she works to meet the both ends.

  • We can also make conscious efforts to buy and promote local products even if they cannot beat a branded one as this act has multidimensional ramifications of economic growth and environmental protection. A locally made product consumes less energy than the other.

  • When somebody approaches us to find the way, help him as we do to our friend. Our approach can do a lot. It would build trust and tendency for mutual help.

There are myriads of occasions in life where we can behave, act, interact with others with the feeling that we are connected to others and building trust, mutual understanding, and sharing is indispensable for a cohesive society. It enhances the social capital and inspires the people to be responsible to each other. It will definitely minimize the evils and enhance the goodness in all of us. Ultimately we are neither angles nor devils. But then relationship with others is vital part of our life.

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  1. wonderful ideas .... its amazing to see that our simple actions can make this much big changes ...